Q.Do you provide consulting services for small-size/privately owned restaurants and bars?

Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Small restaurants/bars have their own problems and solutions that are different from those of large ones. We find the best appropriate solution for each individual restaurant/bar. Our consulting fees are also suitable for small restaurant/bar, so please feel free to contact us.

Q.I run several businesses in the neighborhood. Can I consult with you about all of them together?

Of course. Multiple businesses operated by the same owner may have some common problems, but each one may have different problems. For more details, we ask you about your situation in the initial consultation and propose our consulting contents.

Q.I constantly train my staff, but they don't follow my instructions. Can I ask you to focus on staff training?

Please count on us. In staff training, it is important to understand and empathize with the situation and feelings of the staff. The essential process in behavior change is to carefully communicate to your staff what needs to be done and what needs to be changed in a way they can understand. One of the merits of using a consultant is that we can approach the change in consciousness and behavior of your staff from a different perspective than yours. You can trust us with our staff training.

Q.I have no significant management problem, but I feel the need to do something about the current situation that I cannot provide my front-line staff with enough follow-up.

In order to provide our consulting services, we place a strong emphasis on our hands-on approach. Understanding how your business is operated at your restaurant/bar is the most important point for finding and solving problems. Visiting and observing your restaurant/bar lead us to discover the fundamental causes of your invisible issues and/or your problems that appear on the surface. Interviews with your key staff can be arranged upon request. We can also provide consulting services through our on-site reports. Please contact us for a consultation.

Q.I would like to get some advices from MASAKO, one of the tequila pioneers in Japan who introduced and made it popular. I run my business in Tokyo, but can I ask for your help?

Absolutely. We provide our services anywhere in Japan. We travel all over Japan and abroad, so Tokyo is regarded as a close location. Especially in Mexico, we have various networks, so we can positively take part in the handling of menus and alcoholic beverages, such as having rare tequila in your restaurant/bar. Please feel free to contact us.

Q.I run a tequila bar, but my business doesn't go well due to the COVID-19 situation.

More you get to know tequila, more you find it interesting and profound. Once customers come to your bar, they can look into the "real" world of tequila, and the more they learn about it, the more they become fans and repeat customers. I opened my own tequila bar when tequila was not yet popular in Japan, and I gradually got my business off the ground. You can view a recession as an opportunity to take on your business challenges. We use our wide variety of experiences to flip the situation from negative to positive and our deep knowledge of Mexico-related topics to set up a mechanism to make your tequila bar popular. Let's get your business back on track together.

Q.I would like to start a new field of restaurant. With your experiences when you made tequila popular in Osaka, I expect you to provide some advices on how to make my restaurant a major player.

Thank you very much. In order to promote tequila during the time when no one paid attention to such a drink, we made many mistakes, but we also had many successes. Those experiences have been the key to our success in running businesses since then. There are some rules to success, and we are certain that we can provide you with consulting services that will be useful to you. Let's work together to make your dreams come true.

Q.Do you also provide consulting services for restaurants/bars other than Mexican food and tequila?

Yes, we provide consulting services to a wide range of restaurants/bars, regardless of the type of business or field. There are patterns to the principles of success. By applying multiple laws of success to each individual restaurant, we can create a successful restaurant. Please feel free to contact us regardless of your business type or field.

Q.I'd like to ask for consulting services, but I can't afford to ask for a large scale services right away.

Initially, we recommend that you start with a simple consulting service of one interview (2 hours) plus one consultation at your restaurant/bar (3 hours) per month. By starting with the issues that need to be addressed right away, you can gradually improve the condition of your restaurant/bar. We believe that you should prioritize the problems and deal with various issues at the right time, such as those that need to be resolved quickly and those that are more important and deep-rooted. We can handle your issues one by one, taking into account the state of your business.